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Maison scent

Master Diffuser

Master Diffuser

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High coverage scent area, perfect for commercial use. It spreads the scent throughout evenly using cold air diffusion technology, it can be scheduled to work during operating hours only and also controlled by WI-FI or Bluetooth. All our machines come with a one-year warranty and ongoing service calls.

These machines can be placed on a flat surface, mounted on the wall or even better hooked to the HVAC for a 360 coverage. Works for all space coverages from small apartment or retail store to large buildings.
Refills every few months.

This diffuser comes with the WiFi app and touch screen control features. And it will come with an assembling oil bottle with the oil capacity of 2000 ml, which can cover the large area around 8000 cubic meters, suitable for large hotels, offices, shopping malls and other places.

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