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Maison Rouge - Baccarat

Maison Rouge - Baccarat

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Introducing our enchanting Essential Oil, featuring a radiant and captivating essence that begins with the delicate interplay of jasmine and saffron.

These luminous top notes gently envelop your senses, setting the stage for the robust, woody heart of the fragrance, where cedar and fir unite in harmony.

The composition reaches its depth with the inclusion of ambergris, striking a unique balance between warmth and a refreshing coolness, creating a scent that is both complex and inviting.

To further enhance this exquisite blend, we infuse it with the zest of Orange Oil from Florida, adding a bright, citrusy undertone that elevates the overall experience.

This essential oil is a testament to the beauty of nature's aromatics, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and uplifting essence.

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