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Maison scent

Marvellous Sweetness- Inspired by Aria Hôtel Vegas

Marvellous Sweetness- Inspired by Aria Hôtel Vegas

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Indulge in the sweet, citrusy allure of our 'Lemon Raspberry Retreat' fragrance oil. Perfect for those seeking to capture the essence of nature's best. The top note bursts with the zesty sweetness of lemon and the decadent smoothness of crème. At the heart, savor the tantalizing blend of ripe raspberry and juicy pomegranate. The journey concludes with the sophisticated base notes of elegant peony and the subtle, earthy tones of white woods.

This fragrance oil is a must-have for enhancing your living space with an aromatic touch. Ideal for search terms like 'citrus fragrance oil,' 'sweet lemon essential oil,' and 'raspberry home scent' – it's a sumptuous choice for a fresh, inviting ambiance.


Top Note: Sweet lemon and crème

Middle Note: Raspberry and Pomegranate

Base Note: Peony, White Woods


Inspired by Aria Hotel

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