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Maison scent

S 40

S 40

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Indulge in an expansive aromatic experience with our premium scent diffuser, designed to effortlessly cover spaces up to 3500 square feet. This versatile diffuser provides the ultimate convenience, offering flexible placement options – seamlessly integrating with your HVAC system for uniform diffusion or standing independently on a flat surface.

Take control of your ambiance with our user-friendly app, allowing you to manage the diffuser effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet. With 20 adjustable levels of scent diffusion, you can personalize your environment to perfection.

Boasting a generous 1000 ml bottle capacity, this diffuser empowers you to curate your scent journey for extended periods without the hassle of constant refills. Set your preferred operating hours with the programmable schedule feature, ensuring a continuous aromatic experience tailored to your lifestyle. The diffuser's innovative cold air diffusion technology and adjustable oil consumption levels further enhance the longevity of your scented haven.

Rest assured, our 100% safe oils create an environment that's gentle on humans, pets, and plants. For optimal performance, the diffuser includes an HVAC connection, ensuring a seamlessly integrated and efficient diffusion process.

Choose sophistication in either Black or White and elevate your surroundings with the epitome of luxury and convenience.

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